Packers Kromer balancers should be used to counterbalance tools and fixtures only.
Spring balancers are designed for static loads where the weight on the balancer never changes. The load must not be removed unless the cable is fully retracted. (Maintenance procedures to change a cable are the only exception.) Allowing an unloaded cable to race freely back into a balancer is dangerous and will damage the spring.
The load should be weighed from its suspension point to select the appropriate model.
The total load weight including hoses and attachments should ideally be between the lower-middle and high side of the spring capacity. (Spring damage will occur and operator injuries are likely when attempting to operate below spring capacity.) Operating at or near maximum spring capacity will result in superior performance, enhanced spring life and reduced cost.
Packers Kromer "Zero Gravity" Tool Balancers may be adjusted to automatically retract the load.
However, the tension required to retract the load must be overcome by the operator. "Zero Gravity" performance should be given maximum consideration, as cumulative and repetitive stress disorders will be significantly reduced when this product is utilized as designed. When the correct balancer is installed and adjusted properly the load may be positioned without increasing or decreasing forces.
Selecting the correct model requires an evaluation of the height available to suspend the balancer.
This will determine the maximum work area and the cable length required for tool positioning and cable travel. Do not remove cable from inside the drum to position the load. Proper spring functioning for stepless load adjustment requires that the drum remain fully loaded. The balancer is delivered with extra external cable specifically to position the load. If additional positioning is required, utilize the extra external cable provided by sliding it through the socket, or add a cable extension below the socket.
The physical dimensions of the unit selected must be considered.
To insure that adequate space is available for the balancer to swing and rotate freely from the hanging suspension. This will provide an increase in the effective work area; will eliminate angle friction between the cable, cable drum and nozzle opening to prevent wear. An independent mounting point must be utilized to secure the safety chain prior to balancer operation.