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Packers Kromer   Zero Gravity Balancers
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Light Weight
Tool Balancers

light weight tool balancer

Load: .88 - 14.3 lbs.
Stepless Tension
Steel Cable

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Tool Balancers

Intermediate Tool Balancer

Load: 6.60 - 46.3 lbs.
Floating Suspension
Safety Chain

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Heavy Duty
Tool Balancers

Heavy Duty Tool Balancer

Load: 26 - 220 lbs.
Cold Rold Spring
Quick Change Cable

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How we can help!

Look to Packers to supply your balancer needs for your manufacturing, assembly and workstations. From lightweight to heavy duty, you can find the correct balancer for your static load application in the Packers Kromer series.

Packers Kromer Zero Gravity™ Balancers

Put the superb craftsmanship of our "Zero Gravity"™ Balancers to work in your Manufacturing and Assembly operation today. Realize the ergonomic benefits of improved accuracy and production volume while reducing worker fatigue, safety hazards and tool/air hose damage.

Your #1 Choice For:
  • Zero Gravity Performance
  • Superior Main Spring Life
  • Simplistic Maintenance Features
  • Standard Safety Features
  • Flexibility via Modular Design
  • Availability
  • Broad Load Capacities

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